The Customer

China travel specialist, CTS Horizons meet thousands of prospective customers each year when they exhibit at shows across the country. They are seasoned exhibitors who we first met 12 years ago when they came to us for help with building their show marketing kit. When attending events, shell schemes make the ideal stand choice as there is lots of opportunity for the marketing team to dress the shell with their aspirational travel photography. These stands work well for them as they offer plenty of space for reception counters and speaking to people interested in visiting China on holiday.

With the biggest show of the year, Destinations London at Olympia, planned for February 2016, CTS Horizons got in touch with us to let us know the brand had a new logo and the display graphics on the Flexi-banners needed refreshing.

Having successfully used Flexi-banners from Colour Studios for many years, when it was time to replace them we naturally decided to buy more Flexi-banners. We were very happy with the service we received the quality of the printing and are delighted by how long they last


In a competitive market place it is important for the CTS Horizons brand to stand out. They have an abundance of great photography for display graphics so it’s important that their display is bright and colourful to attract, welcome and engage as many prospective clients as possible.

With so many shows on the calendar it was vital to the marketing team to make sure the displays were reusable for other shows, easy to transport, store and simple to install as their sales staff would need to install and breakdown at every show.

Finding the right solution

Flexi-banners have always been CTS Horizons first choice as not only do they satisfy their budget but they are versatile, robust and can be re-used hundreds of times in any shell scheme. Photography and graphics work well on the banners and in between shows can even be used to brighten the walls of the office or company meeting areas. The material is a robust PVC and is water and light resistant so is easy to keep clean.

Fitting them is easy too and takes just 1 MINUTE! Each banner is clipped to the top of the shell scheme stand and is rolled down to dress the shell scheme wall panels. They have a special clip in the top and a weighted bar in the bottom to make sure they hang straight leaving the much needed stand floor space for welcoming clients.

When traveling to exhibitons Flexi-banners are rolled up and stored in individual nylon sleeves and then inside a carry bag with shoulder strap - lightweight enough for one person to easily carry to the show.

Once we understood the stand space from the CTS Horizon team we were able to use our unique online shell scheme wizard to show how the display would look and then provided artwork guides for their design team. Once we had all the artwork we were able to print and create the displays and dispatch in good time before the show.

About Flexi-banners

Flexi-banners are a fantastic way to use your designs to bring a blank white shell scheme to life. Made using robust PVC banners they clip directly to the shell scheme between the poles. The banners take one minute each to install and are robust, rollable and easy to transport and store.

The banners are supplied with a wooden wall bracket so they can be displayed in your offices between events. We use vibrant, water resistant digital printing inks creating a high impact presentation to entice visitors on to your stand.