The Customer

Clarion Events know exhibitions. A large international company with offices in nine countries, Clarion has been organising and attending events and conferences in the UK and abroad since 1947. The business has strong values when it comes to sustainability and is very aware of the negative impact the event industry can have on the environment.

Colour Studios has been supplying displays for Clarion Events for 15 years. Many of the events they work on have date specific branding that cannot be used after the event. Our recyclable-display products are ideal for this as they are 100% recyclable and a sustainable alternative to throwing plastic or metal displays away after the shows.

Ahead of their annual two-day Transport Ticketing event in January 2016, the Clarion operational team got in touch to brief us on the project. They wanted large scale branding across the event including signage for the reception area, registration desk, access routes and seminar areas.

We’ve had a fantastic experience working with recyclable displays – their solutions are visually impressive, durable, reliable and most importantly environmentally sustainable. The team at Colour Studios are friendly, hard-working and efficient – any problem that needs fixing is always resolved promptly and effectively. I have worked with Colour Studios for a number of years now and will continue to do so simply because their service is second to none.

Michael Seaman - Clarion’s Portfolio Director


As with many two day events Transport Ticketing had a short window for set up and break down. It was important that the displays were quick to install and stayed within budget.

Having worked with Clarion’s Portfolio Director Michael Seaman and Operations Manager Maria Stavrou many times in the past we knew that sustainability and recyclability were important factors in their decisions on materials. Our range of recyclable-displays also offered an ideal mix of flexibility for the shapes needed for the event and value for money.

Finding the right solution

We supplied three different Eco-display walls, a 6 metre long double sided wall, a 6 metre single sided wall and a 3 metre single sided wall. There were also two Eco-banner stand linked displays, 24 Eco-banner stand midi sized and a floor plan display made from structural cardboard.

The displays allowed the team to add their brand messages at the show in a completely sustainable way. After the event closed there were no exit costs for the displays as they are easy to disassemble and were recyclable via a standard cardboard recycling bin.

What are Eco-displays and Eco-banners

Eco-display walls are sustainable displays printed onto cardboard. They are reusable and 100% recyclable via a cardboard recycling bin at the end of their lives. They are portable and each Eco-display wall is supplied in cardboard carry cartons with instructions for use. These sustainable displays are strong, light, easy to assemble and can be adapted to create any layout.

Eco-banner stands are printed onto cardboard that is 100% recyclable at the end of its life via a cardboard recycling bin. They have a small foot print, but have large print surfaces. They are portable and re-usable and available in three sizes. Each sustainable display is supplied in a cardboard carry carton with instructions for use.

We are delighted to be working with Clarion Events to help make their events more sustainable. Our range of printed recyclable-display solutions offer event organisers a highly flexible, budget efficient and crucially sustainable solution to their event display requirements.

Adam Carwardine - Managing Director of Colour Studios