The Customer

VFounded by Bath based Richard Milton, Huskup is taking on the UK’s disposable culture with a brand new reusable coffee cup made from rice husks, which is durable, biodegradable and entirely free from plastic. Using the outer hull of the rice grain, a natural and robust material that would otherwise be burnt at the mill, Huskup is harnessing an abundant waste product to give the planet a helping hand, making this a perfect collaboration for us.

Richard was presenting his environmentally friendly, reusable coffee cup at the Spring Fair at the NEC, Birmingham, in 2018, where it would be introduced to retail buyers for the first time.

The recyclable card-based trade show stand was perfect for the launch of our new eco product, Huskup. The print quality and ease of assembly was most impressive. We had many comments at the show that the stand looked very professional and that it fitted in with our green ethos. From start to completion we were looked after and guided through the simple process and the finished product was created within target lead times. It was so simple at the breakdown, the stand came down so easily and packed neatly into t he included cases, ready to re-use and reconfigure for the next outing – we were out in 30 minutes!

Richard from Tread light


Richard was using the Spring Fair as a platform to launch the Huskup to potential retailers for the first time. The objective was to meet representatives from retail outlets and present the product and as such, he wanted to introduce this sustainable product in a sustainable way.

Finding the right solution

The space selected at the exhibition was a 3mx3m shell scheme with one open side. In light of this, we recommended using our Eco-Display wall solution with shelving to present the Huskup. This solution offered the ability to create a personalised design to fit within Richard’s chosen shell, covering all the available wall area with branded print while staying within budget.

This allowed for a large graphical area to present not only the product but the branding, totalling around 15 square metres of printed surface area. The shelving options allowed a decorative presentation of individual cups anywhere on the surface of the display wall, allowing for complete creativity in the design process. Like Richard’s product, the display was produced from 75% recycled materials and will be 100% recyclable when no longer needed, thus providing a sustainable exhibition solution for a sustainable business. The display can be packed down into cardboard carry cases and easily transported between events. Because of this Richard was able to self-install, reducing his costs further.

The full package included a 3 sided wall at 2200mm tall, end caps with literature dispensers, shelves to present the cups and a structural cardboard reception counter.

It was a pleasure working with Richard and such an innovative new coffee cup product. The news is full of stories regarding the number of paper coffee cups that are disposed of every day in the UK – ½ million cups daily with many of these ending up in landfill. We wish Richard all the best for the future of his Huskup cup. It’s great for us to be able to provide companies with the ability to present themselves sustainably at events and shows

Adam Carwardine - Managing Director of Colour Studios

More on the Eco-Displays

These Eco-Display walls are ideal for businesses with a social conscience who want to promote recycling and sustainability. They are reusable 100% recyclable and made out of printed cardboard which can be customised to suit the event of the space and the products being presented.