Meet the team

image of Adam Carwardine

Adam Carwardine

Managing Director, joined 1999

Adam bought Colour Studios in 1999

Coming from a corporate commercial background specialising in sales and marketing Adam provides Colour Studios with the strategic vision and operational expertise needed to run a business in the current climate.

Adam is dedicated to providing a comprehensive response to client’s needs and ensuring they receive a high quality service from our team.

Sustainability is high on our agenda as a company and our recyclable-displays products showcase the versatility of cardboard in the graphics and events sectors

  • Best pizza topping combination Anchovies, onion, mushrooms & olives
  • What's your dream car Porsche Taycan
  • Favourite fad or trend Elimination of plastic straws
image of Vanessa Carwardine

Vanessa Carwardine

Director, joined 1999

Vanessa is responsible for finance, HR and administration and has a bit of a reputation for watching those pennies!!

Vanessa also works alongside Robin & Adam in a sales capacity and is responsible for key account management


  • Best pizza topping combination Tuna and sweetcorn....with a cheesy base!
  • What's your dream car Aston Martin Vantage (Pipe dream!)
  • Favourite fad or trend Strictly! (Yes really!!)
image of Claire Butler

Claire Butler

Finance and Office Services Supervisor, joined 2014

Claire is an integral part of our finance and administration function and with her calm and professional manner keeps us all in order with our paperwork and processes

Claire is your first port of call for any accounting, administration or office services enquiries.


  • Best pizza topping combination Onion, mushrooms, peppers, olives & extra cheese
  • What's your dream car No interest in cars...if it gets me from A to B then it's a dream!
  • Favourite fad or trend Loved my 80's curly perm
image of Robin Cray

Robin Cray

Account Manager, joined 2013

Robin is well versed with our complete product range and is happy to discuss your display requirements in any shape or form

Robin enjoys delivering a good joke and is also a force to be contended with at our bi annual skittle events!



  • Best pizza topping combination Margherita - tomato, mozzarella & basil
  • What's your dream car De Lorean
  • Favourite fad or trend De Lorean!
image of Jason Chivers

Jason Chivers

Graphics & Exhibitions Installations Team Leader, joined 1999

As the longest serving member of the team Jason can usually find a solution to most client conundrums whether it’s an obscure installation or helping to decide the best way to produce a display….Jason is always happy to advise.

  • Best pizza topping combination Mushroom, green pepper, onion
  • What's your dream car VW Barndoor Samba
  • Favourite fad or trend Star Wars
image of John Blackwell

John Blackwell

Main Operator Graphics Finishing, joined 2004

John is our main operator in the production department and strives to finish every job to the highest standard.

John is chief minder of our Jetrix flatbed printer and loves it almost as much as his cat!.



  • Best pizza topping combination Mushroom & pepperoni
  • What's your dream car Audi RS 8 V10
  • Favourite fad or trend Short hair
image of Joe Brancati

Joe Brancati

Creative Artworker & 3D Cardboard Technician, joined 2019

Working alongside Jenny, Joe is our newest member of the team.   Joe brings a wealth of creative and technical knowledge to the studio and has embraced our 3D cardboard product range with excited enthusiasm.

Joe always has a positive attitude and regularly brings a smile to the team with his infectious sense of humour.


  • Best pizza topping combination Pecorino, salami, black olives
  • What's your dream car Mercedes Benz SL600 1990's
  • Favourite fad or trend Garbage Pail Kids/Transformers
image of Jenny Slocombe

Jenny Slocombe

Senior Creative Artworker and Production Mentor, joined 2016

With a degree in graphic design from Bath Spa University Jenny brings a creative flair for design to our studio and has an infectious enthusiasm for getting the job in hand done to the very best of her ability.  Jenny is our very capable mentor and trainer to our Production Assistants


  • Best pizza topping combination Pepperoni
  • What's your dream car A Jeep - new shiny one!
  • Favourite fad or trend Reality TV - Love Island of course!
image of Kaya - office security

Kaya - office security

Office Dog, joined 2012

Kaya is quite happy to spend her day dozing until there is a prospect of a lunchtime walk on offer or even treats!!
  • Best pizza topping combination Always happy to eat leftovers - whatever the topping!
  • What's your dream car One that takes me out for the day - preferably to the beach!
  • Favourite fad or trend Chasing squirrels
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