recycable displays

Display Walls:

Our Display Walls are stylish, easy to use, durable, good-value and above all a sustainable pop-up display solution. Each panel is 500mm wide and is connected to form any size or shaped display. These displays can be easily transported in a car, assembled by just one person, reused many times and are 100% recyclable at the end of their lives.

Each wall is delivered to you in a cardboard carry case with easy-to-use assembly instructions.

This sustainable and recyclable pop-up display solution can give your event a professional image with a focus on environmental and social responsibility.

Made from a 73% recycled fibre and 27% virgin fibre content board.


Gone are the days of Roller Banners! Our Bannerstands are a sleek, easy to use, durable and sustainable Roller Banner solution. These displays can be transported in a car and assembled by just one person.

Elevate the professionalism of your event while prioritising environmental and social responsibility with our Bannerstands.

banner stands
bannerstand linking

Bannerstand linking

Bannerstands offer plenty of adapability. Not only can they be customised with optional extras, they can also be linked together into various configurations to form lager displays.

This unique feature adds value and makes this portable display solution even more versitile

Optional Extras

There are a number of optional extras that can be added to the bannerstand, including headers, literature dispensers, shelves and stand-off graphics. If that's not enough, we can customise them to suit your needs.

Optional Extras


Our bespoke furniture range can be used in every internal setting. Each item has been cardboard-engineered to ensure structural integrity and durability. These items can be added to your shell-scheme, conference, display, office, school, university, public space etc.